Elske van der Wal has been teaching for over 20 years now, at secondary schools and Breda University of Applied Sciences.  She has been an active course designer in one of the first TTO schools in the Netherlands and gave shape to the Cambridge courses at the Stedelijk Gymnasium Breda as she did at one of the academies of Breda University of Applied Sciences.  IELTS-based courses for the Dutch-speaking students and lecturers made her soundly acquainted with these levels of English as well.  Following up on some requests, she was able to teach primary school pupils from age 7 onwards and has successfully prepared 11 and 12-year-olds for secondary school. Having spent three years abroad (UK/SA) and having explored the world, she is a great supporter of widening other people’s horizons outside their own country. Her academy trips for Buas to Malaysia, Dubai, New York/Washington, South Africa and Canada are almost legendary.

With this undertaking I realised that I am following in my grandfather’s footsteps.  H. van Beckum started Philips’ language centre a long time ago when the company expanded to America in the late 30s. Having acquired the Cambridge Proficiency Certificate – which hung at the top of the stairs – he was able to teach with it. His surname became a verb for papers to be checked by him before they were sent to America. With that same qualification in my pocket, along with degrees and other certifications, I hope to make him proud.

Mission:  To provide high-quality and dedicated English language training and academic preparation to all residents of the Breda region so that they can reach their full potential and follow their professional (international) dreams.

Vision:  We aspire to be the place in Breda regarding the English language or international pursuits.